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Choosing Prancing Horse of Nashville for your Ferrari service ensures a distinct advantage.

As your dedicated Ferrari service center, we prioritize your satisfaction and your vehicle’s well-being. With access to the latest software updates, factory bulletins, and genuine parts designs, we guarantee that your car is maintained to meet its factory specifications. Trust the expertise of our Factory Authorized dealership for the exceptional care your Ferrari deserves.


Your Ferrari is one of the most sophisticated cars ever built. Ensuring that it is maintained to help achieve high levels of performance and safety is an important commitment from Nashville’s Official Ferrari dealership to you.

Our Ferrari-trained service personnel use only factory-approved diagnostic equipment and genuine Ferrari parts. Unlike an independent service shop, both parts and labor from us are covered by a comprehensive Ferrari warranty.

Here, you’ll also discover personalization options and other enhancements with Genuine Ferrari Accessories, designed to complement the technology, style and aerodynamic characteristics of your Ferrari.

No one knows your Ferrari better. Entrust it to the experts.

Paintless Dent Removal
Window Tinting
Wheel Repair
Classiche certification
Free Premium Car Wash and Vacuum by Appointment only
Courtesy rides to and from work, home or Metra (available within 30 miles)
Personalized service reminders
Tire, Wheel and Parts Storage 365 days a year (Please see storage page for details)
Enclosed transport
Invites to special events
Invites to service clinics
Factory Certified Technicians
Factory Warranty Work
Extended Warranties
Diagnosis and Correction with the latest Factory Equipment
Tire Mounting and Balancing, In-house Alignment



The scheduled routine maintenance program which comes as standard on all new Ferraris for the first seven years is called 7-Year Genuine Maintenance. Ferrari’s unparalleled quality standards and constant focus on client service underpin the extended seven-year maintenance program offered across the entire range which covers all regular maintenance for the first seven years of the car’s life. This scheduled maintenance program is free of charge and ensures that clients’ cars are kept at peak performance and safety over the years.

It is the only maintenance package of its kind to be offered by a global manufacturer, and is a reflection of Ferrari’s unwavering dedication to its customers. The 7-Year Genuine Maintenance service is specifically linked to each car: indeed, the servicing “passes on” to the new owner if the car is sold. The program includes: labour, original replacement parts, lubricants, engine oil, brake fluid.

The checks are scheduled to take place once a year (or a maximum of every 20,000 km), and are carried out by highly-qualified dealer technicians who have been trained at the Ferrari Training Centre in Maranello: nobody knows the unique characteristics of Ferrari’s cars better than them.



Ferrari Premium completes the wide range of official services that Ferrari offers after a client purchases a car, guaranteeing continuity over the first 20 years of the car’s life and providing facilitated access to Ferrari Classiche certification, thus offering Ferrari car owners a comprehensive and fully-exclusive service.

The program guarantees the replacement of components that are subject to wear over time, as well as providing members of the program with a Ferrari Premium Certificate, and the right to facilitated access to Ferrari Classiche certification. This exclusive initiative is developed to safeguard the efficiency, reliability and market value of Ferrari’s cars.

The service is provided over the course of the years – in accordance with the needs of the car – by highly specialized technicians from the official Ferrari Service Network, using only original Ferrari components, in order to protect these models and deliver uncompromising guaranteed quality.

Adherence to the preventive maintenance program*, respect for the terms and timings of the standard maintenance program** and the execution of the work provided for by the various product campaigns concerning the car are the conditions required to issue the Ferrari Premium Certificate.

Owners of the following models can take advantage of the program: 360 Modena (all versions), 599 GTB Fiorano, F430 (all versions), 612 Scaglietti, 612 Scaglietti Sessanta, 612 One to One, 456 GT / GTA, 456M GT / GTA, 550 Maranello, 550 Barchetta, 575 Maranello, 575 Superamerica, 599 GTO, 599 SA Aperta and Enzo.

* The preventive maintenance plan, i.e. fitting the car with a dedicated replacement parts package relating to the main functional vehicle assemblies.
** The routine maintenance plan, which consists of the execution of the services stipulated under the maintenance plan described in the Commercial Warranty Booklet.


Every Ferrari car is sold with a three-year Ferrari Commercial Warranty, which is valid internationally and offers full coverage for replacement parts and labor. To preserve the value of your car, Ferrari has created a number of exclusive warranty formulas that extend the normal cover offered by the Ferrari manufacturer’s warranty for up to 15 years.

Ferrari Power

The “4th or 4th+ 5th Year Extended Warranty” Formula

This is the first step towards greater peace of mind. Ferrari offers you the chance to extend the warranty period by a further 12 or 24 months once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, with the same benefits and cover.

The “New Power” or “New Power15” Formula

New Power is the Ferrari Extended Warranty for vehicles with an expired Commercial Warranty that are within their fourteenth year of age. It can be renewed annually, and covers all of the key vehicle parts and systems. It is the most flexible formula available, and can be requested at any point during the specified period.

Choosing a Power formula means giving new strength to your Ferrari car. A unique opportunity to safeguard the value of your car, ensuring that the class, style and elegance that distinguish your Ferrari vehicle and the brand as a whole are maintained over time.

The Power formulas offer a host of advantages:

The option to extend the warranty coverage up until the 15th year of the car’s life; the replacement of parts and performance of repairs covered by the Power formula; work is carried out by workshops belonging to the authorized Ferrari network by highly specialized technicians trained by the company; the value of the car remains high over time; cover is also valid if the car changes ownership, provided that it meets the quality requirements stipulated by the manufacturer; the roadside recovery service (in countries where this is available) is close at hand whenever you need it.

In order to take advantage of the Power warranty, the vehicle must be inspected by the authorized Ferrari network to certify compliance with the quality requirements specified by the manufacturer and to check the traceability of its service history. In addition, the car in question must have no more than 90,000 km on the clock. Furthermore, the vehicle must not have been tampered with in any way, stolen, entered into competitions/races or have been used for short and long-term rental by companies operating in this sector.

Subscribing to the Power warranty program is easy. Contact us for more details.

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