Ferrari’s history is rooted in the history of motor racing. It also reflects the history of the evolution of exceptional performance road cars, characterised by bold and unmistakable design and technical solutions derived from the racing world.

These cars, created in Ferrari’s Maranello workshops since 1947, are a perfect synthesis of technological research and craftsmanship that only the Prancing Horse can deliver. That is why they are destined to last over time.

Ferrari Classiche Department: restoration and certification Most of the cars produced from the dawn of the marque to today still exist and run, thanks to the care taken by their owners to keep them perfectly efficient and very safe on the roads. Such maintenance can only be performed by a highly skilled technician who has the deepest knowledge of the secrets of Ferrari engines and the specific features of each automobile.

In 2006 the company gave birth to Ferrari Classiche, the department of excellence that offers owners an exclusive service. Its purpose is to protect the invaluable heritage that these cars represent.

The Classiche team has the expertise necessary to handle complex restorations, returning a car to its original form in terms of mechanics and bodywork. Ferrari Classiche also provides the assistance and support needed to deal both with the complex stages of extraordinary maintenance and the normal use of the cars.


A Ferrari Classiche owner not only has the pleasure of driving a rare, or sometimes one-of-a-kind car, he also gains access to exclusive activities organised by the company designed to fit the specific type of car in his collection. This unique great passion is shared in the worldwide celebration of the anniversaries of the most iconic cars, in direct participation (or in support of) the most prestigious events of classic motoring such as the Le Mans Classic, Historic Grand Prix of Monaco, Mille Miglia and Targa Florio, in the organisation of dynamic events aimed at the use of the cars in extraordinary situations, and in elegant competitions put on by Ferrari and other organisations.

Restoration service for historic Ferrari models.

The restoration of a historic Ferrari is a complex operation that can only be performed at Maranello thus creating an even closer relationship with our collector customers.

The complexity derives from a very particular design philosophy connected to the need to win on track. The car’s components have been designed with no corners cut, to achieve performance excellence.

This is why Ferrari offers its customers a restoration service that aims to preserve the legacy of these vintage racing cars. The company archives contain all the detailed information for each car produced, relating to each component used in its assembly. By virtue of this approach, all cars have always benefited from solutions ahead of their time, making extensive use of special and innovative materials.

Official Certificate of Authenticity released by Ferrari Classiche in Maranello.

The essential starting point of the Ferrari Classiche service is the Certificate of Authenticity that only Maranello can release. It can be requested for any Ferrari road car with over 20 years of life and is also available for Ferrari Formula and Sports cars, with no age limit.

This unique service is very important for the owner, as only Ferrari Classiche can release an official document confirming the full authenticity of their car. The integrity and absolute uniqueness of the Ferrari archives, where the assembly sheets of all cars produced since 1947 are jealously guarded, enables the company to unequivocally establish conformity with the original design of any car made in its workshops.

Only functioning cars receive the Ferrari Certificate of Authenticity. To ensure the vehicle’s conformity to the original design and maximum driving safety, all parts need to be authentic.

Specialized centres for classic Ferrari cars all around the world.

Ferrari Classiche has embarked upon a process of improving its assistance service, creating the Ferrari Classiche Workshops network, so as to provide this service at a number of selected workshops around the world, and not just at headquarters.

Like at Maranello, these certification centers are also highly specialized and the owner of a classic Ferrari can request the same operations, from ordinary and extraordinary maintenance to a technical inspection and the drafting of the preparatory documents for certification. Ferraris are universally considered special cars.

This means they deserve special attention in order to preserve their unique distinguishing characteristics.

The two-day course takes place at the Fiorano Circuit.

Bookings are now open for the 2024 season of the Ferrari Classiche Academy, a series of driving courses focusing on various models from the past that helped create the legend of the Prancing Horse. The two-day course takes place at the Fiorano Circuit. It allows the Ferrari owners taking part to embark on a journey of discovery of the origins of the Maranello company, to get closer to the world of Ferrari Classiche, and to learn the driving techniques for cars produced when electronics had not yet conquered the automotive world.

The program begins with a practical introduction to the cars covered by the course (308 GTS and GTBi, 550 Maranello and Mondial 3.2) and their technical characteristics.

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